Latest Information
Okumura Metals is a non-ferrous material trading and processing manufacturer that has been innovating piping technology for more than 90 years since its establishment.
Since its founding in 1926, Okumura Metals Co., Ltd. has built strong bonds with users through the sale of non-ferrous materials such as copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. After that, we entered the processing field, mainly air conditioning piping, and after establishing our position as a manufacturer that handles various processed products other than air conditioning, we established 4 overseas bases in response to globalization, and gained a deep trust as a partner. We will supply other new product by increasing synergies with FMT, our group company producing copper tube.
About Okumura Metals
Manufacture and sale of a wide variety of non-ferrous processed products
With our cooperative system with material manufacturers and manufacturing technology capabilities cultivated through many years of experience, we boast cost and quality capabilities that are competitive with other companies.
Customer-first Quick and flexible response
We believe that our service is customer-first. Our all section shall satisfy all of our customers.
Strong power of Okumura Group in the world
It can be manufactured and sold at 2 factories in Japan and 4 factories overseas. We can manufacture all kinds of secondary processing of copper pipes in the air conditioning department, hot water supply department, and freezing and refrigeration department.
Okumura Metals believes that people are everything
We are looking for human resources who can respond sincerely with a customer-first mindset.
We corporate with global overseas affiliates and has business transactions with major air conditioning equipment manufacturers.